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Design and Technology

The content of our Design and Technology curriculum is neatly dovetailed into the overall book-based curriculum and the outdoor activities. DT challenges link in neatly to the main topics of study. Skills are taught progressively and learning is sequenced according to the national curriculum objectives.


Key Question

DT Challenge


Why would a dinosaur not make a good pet?

As a class, how can you recreate a dinosaur environment or habitat?

Little Evie in the Wild Wood

Which plants and birds would Evie find in our park?

What can we do to try and attract birds to our school?

(making a bird table or nest box)

Handa’s Surprise

How would 5-a-day keep us healthy?

How can you design and make a fruit salad?

Traction Man

What would Traction Man use to build our school?

How can you design and make your own Traction Man using a variety of different materials?

What would Traction Man use to build our school?

How can you design a perfect playground using a range of materials and explain why you have chosen the materials?


Why are iPads more fun than grandparents’ old toys?

How can you make a moving toy?

Naughty Bus

Where do and did the wheels on the bus go?

Can you design and make a vehicle that can move?

The Great Panjandrum Himself

What were the people who lived in our valley like 100 years ago?

Can you create a game that you may have played 100 years ago?


Why do we love to be beside the seaside?

What attracts visitors to seaside resorts?

(fairground ride)

Electric Storm

How would you cope without electricity for a day?

What! no TV or play-station!?: what shall we do?

Could you create a meal that has not required electricity to prepare it?

Orion and the Dark

How far can you throw your shadow?

Make up a shadow theatre production of the story of Orion and the Dark?

The Incredible Book Eating Boy

What happens to the food we eat?

How can we create a model of the digestive system with sound commentary?

The Boy with the Bronze Axe

From the early stone age people to the end of the Roman occupation: How did Britain change? (1st half term)

How did the Early Britons make shelters?

Roman Diary

From the early stone age people to the end of the Roman occupation: How did Britain change? (2nd  half term)

How can you create a working model of a Roman weapon?

Mystery of the Mona Lisa

Why do so many people go to the Mediterranean for their holidays?

How can we organise a Mediterranean food festival?

Cities (non-fiction)

Where would you choose to build a city?

Using paper, how can you create a skyscraper that is at least 2 metres high?

An Egyptian Cinderella

How can we recreate the wonder of Ancient Egypt?

How can you recreate the wonder of the pyramids?


Escape from Pompeii

What makes the Earth angry?

How can you recreate an erupting volcano?

Climate Change (non-fiction)

Why is planet Earth in danger?

How can you design a product made from re-cycled materials?


Is there anybody out there?

How could you create a moon surface?

Beowulf / Viking Boy

Who were the Anglo-Saxons?

Were the Vikings always vicious and victorious?

Can you work as a group to create a model Anglo-Saxon settlement?

How can you create a Viking long ship from a range of materials?

What did the Vikings eat and can you recreate a Viking meal?

Lady of Shalott

How would you have survived Medieval Britain?

Can you create a board game based around knights and Medieval England?

Tales from the Arabian Nights

Why was the Islamic civilization known as the golden age?

What can you discover about the ‘Golden Age’ and can you make your own paper?