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History and Geography


At Borrowdale School, History is taught through our cross curricular projects, often based on the books we read. The past comes to life when children use a variety of sources of information to find clues and evidence and take part in discussions with their peers. Through History, children learn to make comparisons and links between the past and modern times and discover how and why things have changed.


We focus our history, where possible, on real people and their experiences as we believe that this engages our pupils emotionally and helps to build on their sense of self. Through history we hope to teach our pupils to ask questions, to identify and question different versions of the past and to make an evaluative judgement based on a critical analysis of what they have learned. We believe that history has as much to teach us about our future as it does about the past.


Pupils learn to think critically and ask perceptive questions, weigh evidence, sift arguments and develop perspective and judgement. They learn about people and events in the past, their locality, their lives in Britain and the wider world, and realise that these have influenced our lives today. Children are taught how to investigate and record their findings in interesting and creative ways including writing, art, drama and computing.


Environmental change and sustainable development, social and cultural diversity, population change and migration, impacts of globalisation and economic growth and decline are issues which affect the future of everyone. At Borrowdale Primary School, Geography teaching has a crucial role in beginning to make pupils aware of these issues. 


In investigating such issues, pupils develop a range of enquiry skills and techniques involving maps, visual images and ICT.  Fieldwork and outdoor education widen pupil’s experiences and contribute to pupil’s social and personal development. Whenever possible we aim to use real cross curricular experiences to enhance our geography teaching and enable pupils to place their learning into a real-life context.