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The journey to school

For most children, the beautiful journey to school is a daily social event and a chance to learn about the many points of interest on the way and an opportunity to discuss the school day.

Borrowdale School owns two minibuses which are used to transport children to events or places of interest to make the most of the rich learning environment outside our grounds, but it is also used in the mornings and afternoons to transport children to and from school on the parents’ behalf.

The school minibus is driven by parents and volunteers who have been subject to a driving assessment. As well as a driver there will also usually be a chaperone on the journeys, especially on the longer journeys.


School Transport

Regular meetings are held with the parents to organise school transport. Currently the agreed Pickup/Dropoff points are:

Rawnsley Centre (8.20am/3.20pm)

Borrowdale Road Roundabout

The charge for out of catchment children using school transport is set every year in a meeting with parents. The school appreciates the balance to be settled before the children use the bus.



Local Authority Transport

At present, some children are entitled to free transport provided by the Local Authority. Provision of school transport is subject to the policy and discretion of the Local Authority. All enquiries and applications should be made directly to the Local Authority.

Entitlement to free transport is for pupils living within the catchment area and is by age and distance:

Under eight years of age and living over two miles from school.

Aged eight years and over and living more than three miles from school.

For children in catchment whose route to school is deemed ‘unsafe’ by the county.


Pick up after school

Children who travel on the bus are escorted to the bus by a member of staff. Please ensure you notify the school in good time if arrangements for your child are different to usual as it is not always possible for staff to check the answer phone after lunch before the end of the school day.

If you are picking up children after school has finished, you are more than welcome to see your child’s classroom to have a look at their work or to chat to the teachers, but please wait outside until most children have left and ask if the teacher is available to accommodate your visit.