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We call it our book-based curriculum. Our science curriculum consists of 18 units that are designed in such a way that they are naturally linked to the texts used in the English curriculum. The knowledge, skills and understanding of both English and Science are therefore important to the activities. One of the main aims is to improve pupils’ writing through science as well as guaranteeing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts.


Just like in the ‘real’ world, the boundaries between the subjects are less pronounced because the learning in different subjects is connected through the context of the text. It makes learning more meaningful, memorable and functional.


Each science unit covers half a term’s learning and focuses on a key concept through a lead question followed by further questions to delve deeper into the scientific concepts. Below are the science units we currently teach in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2:


Science coverage

Lead question


Everyday materials

What does Beegu think of life on planet Earth?

Bog Baby

Animals, including humans

Why are humans not like tigers?

The Rabbit Problem

Seasonal Change

Why are there so many leaves on the floor?


Living things and their habitats

Why would a dinosaur not make a good pet?

Little Evie in the wildwood


How old are the trees around us?

Traction Man


What would Traction Man use to build our school?

Orion and the dark

Light and dark

How far can you throw your shadow?

The street beneath my feet


What do rocks tell us about the way the Earth was formed?

The incredible book-eating boy

Digestive system

What happens to the food we eat?

The pied piper


Why is the sound made by a popular band enjoyed by so many?

The Promise

Plants and animals

Which animals and plants thrive in our local environment?

The man who walked between the towers


Does what goes up, always come down?



Will Liam really be the next astronaut to land on the moon?

The nowhere emporium

Life cycles

How different will you be when you are as old as your grandparents?

Pig heart boy

The heart and the circulation system

Why is our heart the most important pump we own?

Spider and the fly

Living things and their habitats

How can we find out if spiders and flies are related?


Evolution and inheritance

Have we always looked like this?