Borrowdale CE Primary School
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Vision, Mission and Core Values

Educating for life in all its fullness


This vision statement comes from John 10:10 where Jesus describes himself as a shepherd who is like a gate for his sheep, through which they may come and go freely to find nourishment. He says, “I have come so that they may have life – life in all its fullness.” This verse resonates through everything we do at Borrowdale School.


ἐγὼ ἦλθον ἵνα ζωὴν ἔχωσιν καὶ περισσὸν ἔχωσιν

I came so they could have life – and they could have more

Our vision for the school and core Christian values underpin everything we do. They define what we feel is important and what we set out to achieve. We have a School Improvement Plan that shows how we will achieve our vision and how we will allocate resources to do this. We are constantly looking for ways to progress and improve and to do even better.

Our actions are underpinned by our core values:

"It is clear that the school's Christian vision and values are lived out daily. They help to transform pupils' lives and prepare them for future challenges."

(SIAMS inspection 2019)


Educating for life in all its fullness



To equip our pupils with skills and knowledge together with the wisdom, courage and confidence to use them well.


We help our pupils to draw inspiration from our unique and beautiful surroundings while also exploring the wider world. We challenge them to grasp and enjoy every opportunity to grow and learn, so they are ready to shape their future. And we always strive to make sure that learning is fun.


We are here to support the community of Borrowdale and all those families who wish to share in its distinct identity.


Core Values

Flowing from a Christian perspective that is offered to the children, our core values are:


Wisdom – to use our skills and knowledge wisely to nurture each other and our environment


Hope – to have aspirations for the future, seek creative and adventurous solutions, with the understanding that through our thought, actions and experience we can make things better


Community – we seek to learn from all those who have a connection with our school, and we value the importance of living well together


Dignity – we listen to each other, respect our differences and recognise equal worth