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Floods and adverse weather conditions



It doesn't happen as often as most people think, but after prolonged heavy rain the Borrowdale Road can indeed become blocked by floods. We will do our utmost to stay open as normal for those who can attend, but we will always put everyone's safety first. When it comes to driving to school when the road is flooded, we very much urge everyone to use their own judgment, but our advice will be DON'T DRIVE THROUGH FLOODS!


As the weather in Borrowdale can be unpredictable, and forecasts unreliable, the decision whether it is necessary to close the school will usually be taken at the last minute. 

Floods in the day

If the decision is taken to evacuate the school because flood waters have come up through the day, we will contact all parents individually to agree the arrangements for their children. It is likely that children will be transported to Keswick in one of our buses before they are handed back to their families. This will ensure that they will get home safely.

Floods at night

Sometimes the roads flood at night and we can't open in the morning. If the decision is made that the school can't open safely, we will communicate this with the parents by 8am via email, class dojo, website, Radio Cumbria, etc. It is unnecessary to ring the school and we may not be available to answer the phone (we may not be able to get there ourselves!)




The Borrowdale Road is well maintained and is usually cleared by the spreading of salt. We will do our utmost to stay open for those who can attend, but if the road becomes treacherous we very much urge everyone to use their own judgement. The minibus will only transport children when the conditions are without risk.