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The content of our Art and Design curriculum is neatly dovetailed into the overall book-based curriculum. Art challenges link in neatly to the main topics of study. Art skills are taught progressively and learning is sequenced according to the national curriculum objectives:


Lead Question

Art Learning Challenge

The Rabbit Problem

Why are there so many leaves on the floor?

How can you create patterns using leaves in the style of William Morris?


Why would a dinosaur not make a good pet?

As a class, how can you recreate a dinosaur environment or habitat?

Little Evie in the Wild Wood

Which plants and birds would Evie find in our park?

How can we capture the beauty of the birds, plants and trees we see?

Bog Baby

Why are humans not like tigers?

How can you sketch a pet using pencils and pastels?

Handa’s Surprise

How will 5-a-day help to us healthy?

Which fruits provide good opportunities for art work?

Traction Man

How quickly do plants grow?

How can we capture the beauty of some of our plants or leaves?

Lost and Found

Why can’t penguins live near the equator?

What do we mean by hot and cold colours?

Naughty Bus

Why and how did the Great Fire of London start?

How can we capture the amazing Great Fire of London in art?

Daisey saves the Day

What do we know about the Victorians and the way they lived?

How would you recreate some of LS Lowry’s paintings?

Lila and the Secret of Rain

Where would you prefer to live: England or Kenya

How can you recreate Kenyan art?

Billy’s Bucket

Why do we love to be beside the seaside?

Can you create your own digital postcards?

The Street Beneath my Feet

What do rocks tell us about the way the Earth was formed?

Can you collect some rocks to create a rock sculpture?

Gregory Cool

How can Usain Bolt move so quickly?

Can you sketch the position that Usain Bolt is in from ‘on your marks to go’?

(Think of proportions. Think of Giacometti; Thomas Heatherwick (b of the bang)

The Promise

Which wild animals and plants thrive in our local environment?

How can we capture the beauty of our native birds or flowering plants in paint?

The Boy with the Bronze Axe

From the early stone age people to the end of the Roman occupation: How did Britain change?

What do we know about the life styles of the Early Britons through the art they produced?

Diary of a Roman Slave

Why do so many people go to the Mediterranean for their holidays?

Who are the famous artists of the Mediterranean and what can we learn from them?

Greek Myths

Why were the Ancient Greeks ruled by their Gods?

How can we recreate the beauty of Greek sculpture?

Cities (non-fiction)

Why is the Thames so important to London?

Using your photographs, can you create a painting of one of the bridges on the Thames?

London (non-fiction)

Why would you choose to live in London?

How can you capture the majesty of one of London’s buildings in water colour?

The Nowhere Emporium

Do all animals start life as an egg and how different will you be when you are as old as your grandparents? (2nd half term)

Through drawing and painting, can you accurately sketch yourself and your grandparent?

Orion and the Dark

How can you light up your life?

How do your eyes work?


Have we always looked like this?

Why do you not usually look exactly like your mum or dad?

Rainforests (non-fiction)

Why should the rainforests matter to all of us?

Can you create a print using the large leaves of rainforest plants as your inspiration?


Who were the Anglo-Saxons?

What was Anglo-Saxon art and culture like?

Kensuke’s kingdom

I’m a Borrowdale pupil how can you get me out of here?

From the photographs you have taken of the immediate area, can you create a painting?


Why has Brazil got one of the world’s fastest growing economies?

Can you design and create a collage of Brazilian symbols?


What’s so special about the USA?

Using the art of Andy Warhol, can you recreate his work using a famous American as your subject?

1001 Arabian Nights

Why was the Islamic civilization known as the Golden Age?

What can you discover about the art and culture of the ‘Golden Age’ and can you make your own paper?

Journey to Jo’burg

Why should Britain be ashamed of slavery?

How can you capture the emotion associated with slavery in art?