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Pupil Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.


Each year in our budget we receive Pupil Premium Funding. In 2019-20 it has been awarded to the school at the rates below:


Disadvantaged pupils

Pupil Premium per pupil

Pupils in Year R to 6 recorded as Ever 6 FSM


(Previously) Looked after children (LAC)


Service children



It is for the school and its Governors to decide how PPG is spent, as we are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for individual pupils in school to help to ‘narrow the gaps’ and to support pupils making good progress throughout the school. As a school we are very conscientious of our duty to spend the PPG to impact on the targeted pupils in such a way that it does not openly identify them or discriminate against others. Therefore, Pupil Premium spending primarily designed to impact on PPG pupils are opened to all pupils who are deemed to have the same needs. Hence in addition to direct spending on PPG pupils much of this spending has also directly or indirectly impacted positively on other children’s attainment and pastoral care.



Summary and Objectives of Pupil Premium Spending

The school aims to ensure that the Pupil Premium funding:

  • Facilitates all pupils’ access to education and the curriculum
  • Funds additional support and intervention programmes for groups and individuals
  • Supports children to take up additional opportunities, such as (residential) visits
  • Ensures high quality provision for our pupils
  • Enables all children, regardless of their financial situation, to reach their potential


This is achieved through the following strategies and approaches:

  • High quality first teaching in small groups, providing individual support for all pupils from the start
  • Providing access to IT equipment at school and at home
  • Individual or small group tuition in language for pupils identified as falling behind
  • Funding allocated towards minibus cost for some priority children to ensure access to school and good attendance
  • Funding to support specific learning difficulties and interventions, through training, software and sharing expertise.
  • A broad range of curriculum enrichment including high quality music and arts provision (artists projects and involvement and visits to workshops and performances)


Overview of the school

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant received:

Total number of pupils on roll YR-Y6

39 (inc Nursery)

Total number of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium


Total amount of pupil premium received for 2019-20



2019-20 Pupil Premium Budget





Intervention for individuals and small groups language support for individual children

Language support for (PP) children who have not reached their targets


Very effective, but costly

Transport to and from school

improve punctuality and attendance


All children benefit from this

Support with the cost of visits

Enable all children to participate in visits


Important to us as a school, all children benefit from this

Small group first wave teaching

Split KS2 into two classes to enable increased support


Very effective, important to us as a school, all children benefit from this

Lexiaand other software, apps and web subscriptions



Very effective, all children benefit from this