Borrowdale CE Primary School
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"Your passion for learning permeates through the school"

(Ofsted inspection 2018)

Situated in the heart of the Lake District, Borrowdale School's fantastic grounds and surroundings offer endless opportunities for learning and exploration. Learning should be fun and relevant. We strongly believe in 'Learning Outside the Classroom' and have a learning programme with many outdoor field trips.


Our curriculum excites and stimulates children's imaginations and creative thinking. At Borrowdale School, we place quality literature at the heart of learning. Quality stories provide a rich and meaningful context in which children study units of English, Science, Geography, History, Art and DT and visits. Each year is divided into six blocks - one for each half-term. Progression for all subjects is planned so that there is a clear path in which children acquire, practise and apply, and deepen learning.


Lessons are enriched with first-hand and practical experiences so that pupils learn through varied and rich experiences. The approach is further enhanced by themed-days, special weeks (such as Art-Week), and numerous other events. This makes our curriculum fun, relevant and memorable because pupils understand the point of their learning and enjoy their education. 


Our curriculum goes beyond statutory requirements; it is wide and rich, and aims to equip the children with the knowledge, skills and values to successfully tackle the challenges of their future lives. It inspires the children to work hard, to persevere and to aim for the highest possible standards. In short: 


Educating for life in all its fullness


"Pupils have frequent opportunities to explore the natural world, experiment and take risks. They work collaboratively, relishing challenges and overcoming obstacles. As a result, they become articulate, confident learners who are able to recognise their place in the world and the way in which they can support others." 

(SIAMS inspection 2019)

"Leaders have established an innovative, creative curriculum which excites and inspires pupils. The rich diet of experiences supports pupils' personal and spiritual growth extremely well."

(SIAMS inspection 2019)

"Pupils appreciate the opportunities they have to broaden their horizons beyond the immediate locality with trips and residential visits."

(Ofsted inspection 2018)