Borrowdale CE Primary School
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"Leaders have established an innovative, creative curriculum which excites and inspires pupils. The rich diet of experiences supports pupils' personal and spiritual growth extremely well. The idyllic outdoor learning environment is used to full advantage." 

(SIAMS inspection 2019)

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"Pupils have frequent opportunities to explore the natural world, experiment and take risks. They work collaboratively, relishing challenges and overcoming obstacles. As a result, they become articulate, confident learners who are able to recognise their place in the world and the way in which they can support others." 

(SIAMS inspection 2019)

Curriculum Map - What will my children be learning about?

It is the aim of the school to be a caring, stimulating, interesting and enjoyable educational environment. We consider each child as an individual thus enabling the children to achieve their best in all areas of the curriculum.


Borrowdale School offers a broad, rich and deep education through an exciting and creative approach to the curriculum which is designed to meet the needs of the children in the school. It is full and rich and aims to equip the children with the knowledge and skills to successfully tackle the challenges of their future lives. Learning is rooted in real experiences to ensure that pupils understand the point of their learning. This inspires the children to work hard, to persevere, and to aim for the highest possible standards. The school's fantastic grounds offer many opportunities for learning and exploration, and the minibuses are used to support learning in context.


Whilst meeting statutory requirements, our curriculum is customised to take account of the children's starting points and then progresses their learning through rich experiences. For this, the pupils learn within the contexts of meaningful texts on which first-hand and practical experiences are based to make the curriculum more relevant and memorable.

"Pupils said they are taught to value learning, value each other and value themselves"

(Ofsted inspection 2018)

Our staff value outdoor pursuits and adventurous sports are built into the curriculum. Drama and art are central to the school. Children are encouraged to express themselves, and to learn how to perform. This is an important part of building an ability to approach challenges confidently in the future. Children happily perform to a very high standard in front of an audience. They also learn, from their arts work, that people express themselves and explore ideas in many different ways.

"Pupils appreciate the opportunities they have to broaden their horizons beyond the immediate locality with trips and residential visits."

(Ofsted inspection 2018)