Borrowdale CE Primary School
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Ofsted, SIAMS and Performance Data

Please find below our most recent inspection reports.

Borrowdale School is a very small rural school with small cohorts of children. Published performance data fluctuates year-on-year as a result of this and is to be viewed with caution. Very small cohorts skews data because individual circumstances have greater impact on percentage data.

The 2017 KS2 headlines are:

  • Attainment:
    • Reading, writing and mathematics: 86% achieving the expected standard and 14% achieving a high score
    • Reading: 100% achieving expected standard; 71% achieving a higher standard
    • Writing: 86% achieving expected standard within which 29% was working at 'greater depth'
    • Maths: 86% achieving expected standard and 43% achieving a higher standard
    • SPaG: 71% expected standard; 29% achieving a higher standard
  • Progress KS1 to KS2
    • Reading progress score: 2.0
    • Writing progress score: -1.8
    • Mathematics progress score: -1.7


The 2017 KS1 cohort consisted of only 5 pupils. Their results have not been published because they should be regarded as individual achievements.