Borrowdale CE Primary School
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"Activities are well-planned and excite and inspire pupils" - Ofsted 2014

It is the aim of the school to be a caring, stimulating, interesting and enjoyable educational environment. We consider each child as an individual thus enabling the children to achieve their best in all areas of the curriculum.


Borrowdale School has an exciting and creative approach to the curriculum which is designed to meet the needs of the children in the school. It equips them with the knowledge and skills to successfully tackle the challenges of their future lives. We often root learning in real experiences, to ensure that pupils understand the point of their learning. This inspires the children to work hard, to persevere, and to aim at the highest possible standards. The school's minibuses are used to support learning in context.


The curriculum is planned by assessing what the children already know and then how best to progress their learning. In this way pupils continuously build on their existing knowledge and skills to widen their horizons. It is based on first-hand, practical experiences, where possible, to enrich the curriculum and make learning more relevant and memorable for the pupils.

"The innovative curriculum provides an extensive range of stimulating experiences within and beyond school which pupils clearly enjoy." - Ofsted 2014

Our staff value outdoor pursuits and adventurous sports are built into the curriculum. Drama and art are central to the school. Children are encouraged to express themselves, and to learn how to perform. This is an important part of building an ability to approach challenges confidently in the future. Children happily perform to a very high standard in front of an audience. They also learn, from their arts work, that people express themselves and explore ideas in many different ways.