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Nursery and Reception (EYFS)

Welcome to EYFS Class!

Easter holiday activities and game ideas

Thursday 9th April

 What’s inside?

Make your own guessing game, find a few containers with lids or small boxes  and put different objects inside eg: rice, money, rubber,  small cuddly toy, small Easter egg.

Then ask your mum and dad, sisters and brothers to guess what is inside, what does it sound like? how heavy is it?  

Write down their predictions before revealing the answers.

Wednesday 8th April

Can you follow the instructions to make your own salt dough?


 1 cup of salt

 2 cups of flour

 ¾ cup of water


  1. Mix salt and flour.
  2. Stir in water.
  3. Kneed with your hands.
  4. Roll out dough and cut out shapes or mould with your hands.


You can air dry or cook  in the oven at 180C, the amount of time needed to bake depends on the size and thickness of your creations.

When dried you can paint your creations.  You can store unused salt dough in an air tight container, it keeps well for a few days.


Tuesday 7th April

Coin Toss

Get out your piggy banks and sort out all of your coins 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p.  You could use a bun tin to help you sort them. 

Play a game with your coins throwing them into a hoop or box/tub.

Play with a partner, start with 5 coins each and count how many each player gets into the tub. Keep a record of your score to see who is the winner. 



Miss Parkins


















To make it really difficult you could add up how much the coins are worth rather than the number of coins.   Have fun x


Monday 6th April

Make a parachute for a hard boiled egg                   

What will you make your parachute out of?

Which material will you use? paper, plastic, cloth .

How will you attach the material to the egg?

Will you put the egg in a container then attach the material?

What will you use to connect the tub and the parachute?

Does it make a difference what shape and size the parachute is?


If you drop your egg and parachute from a height will your egg survive?


Record your findings to discover the best material, shape and size to make a parachute. 



Shape of parachute

Size of parachute

Egg survived

Yes or no






















I would love see photographs of your attempts and hear what you have found out.

Friday 3rd April


Balloon play  - play with a partner, how long can you keep it off the ground? Pass the balloon from person to person, between your knees or under your chin, how far can you travel with the balloon between your knees?


Paper Mache Easter Eggs, mix  flour and water to make a glue then stick paper/newspaper onto the balloon and cover when it is dry you could paint it.  You could put something inside the balloon (eg: mini chocolate eggs) before you paper mache the balloon and give it as an Easter gift.  This is very messy, but great fun!



Thursday 2nd April


Make someone smile!


This morning on the news I heard about a family who wanted to cheer people up, they put a cuddly toy in their window so that people walking past would see it.  I though this would be lovely for us to do, you could also make a poster with a wish, it could say  'KEEP SAFE', 'KEEP SMILING' and decorate it with colourful pictures.  Remember you will have to make your writing big so that everyone can see it.

Wednesday 1st April


Look how much my carrot plant has grown ....


Have you noticed what date it is today?    April fools!!


Can you follow the instructions to make chocolate nests?


200g chocolate

85g shredded wheat or rice crispies or a different cereal

1 bag of mini chocolate eggs (optional )


  1.  Break the chocolate into a bowl
  2. Melt the chocolate over a pan of hot water
  3. Cereal into chocolate
  4. Mix
  5. Put into paper cases or make heaps
  6. Add three chocolate eggs (optional)
  7. Put in fridge to cool
  8. Eat!

Tuesday 31st March


Lets have a competition to see who can grow the biggest carrots. 


All you have to do is place a carrot top, cut side down in a dish with 2.5cm of water. Put it on a sunny windowsill and change the water every day.  When the shoots have grown in 5 to 7 days plant the tops in soil.

You can also do this with lots of other vegetables such as onions, turnip, celery. 

I've started mine today, I'm growing carrots and turnip, I'll keep taking photos so that you can see how they're growing, it would be great to see some photos of yours too. 


Make a treasure hunt

Just like we did on the last day at school.  Write clues for your sisters, brothers or parents to find around the house or in the garden eg: you sleep here (bed), brush your teeth (toothbrush), you watch this (television), wash the clothes (washing machine).

Then hide some treasure, It doesn't have to be chocolate, you could draw a picture for them to find or hide your favourite toy.


If you make a treasure hunt for someone they might make one for you!  Have fun x


Monday 30th March


Make your own 'Stretcher'(twister) just like the one at school. I didn't have the correct coloured paper so I just used what I had, 4 different colours, or you could use t-shirts, tea towels etc. I drew around my hand and foot to make the body part cards, you could add new ones such as head, nose or elbow. We had great fun playing, hope you do too.




Make a pop up Easter card, write an Easter wish, address an envelope and post it to someone you love and can't visit at the moment.



Please use the links below to help your child's learning at home.



Studyladder is a web based educational program designed by teachers. The program is curriculum based and covers covers Maths, English as well as other subjects. Please click on the picture below and enter your login details to access the tasks that have been assigned to you.


Reception children please click on the Studyladder link to find your daily activities.

Your child may need some help to read the text.


As well as the activities in Studyladder, you can also use Lexia and Oxford Reading Owl to improve your reading skills at home. The links are below:



Your child has just been introduced to a programme called Lexia Reading Core 5 which they use on our ipads. This programme helps the children with their reading and spelling skills. The children enjoy playing the educational games and we have seen a real improvement in their reading and spelling ability from using this programme. Your child is also able to access this from home. 


Your child can use Lexia through the internet by going to the following website-





When asked for your teacher's email, please input


Your child then needs to use the login and password that were provided. 


You can also download the Lexia App on iPad or Android tablets by searching for ‘Lexia Reading Core5 UK’



Oxford Reading Owl


We know that regular reading for pleasure and parents showing an interest in children’s reading has a huge impact on children’s progress. This is why it forms the backbone of our homework approach. At school, we constantly look for opportunities to help families support their children with both reading and language development. The Oxford Owl website (click on image) is full of practical and proven tips, from children’s author Julia Donaldson, to help your children both engage with and get better at reading.



Reception children have read and completed activities on the Oxford Owl app during lessons and are familiar with the activities. I would recommend ebooks Oxford level 1 and 2 for their stage of reading, although all of the books are good to listen to.


  Amazon Free audio books, lots of great children's stories to listen to.
There are numerous other home learning sites that your child can use such as ictgames and topmarks, we regularly use the EduGuru maths and EduGuru English apps and your child is capable of completing these independently once they are installed.


It's important to keep active whilst you're off...

PE with Joe Wicks live every morning Mon-Fri at 9am.


As you are aware we have daily finger gym activities which help to strengthen our gross and fine motor skills. There are easy activities which can be done at home with items you will probably have lying around. Below is a list of ideas and these are also beneficial for the whole family!


Hungry little minds

Simple, fun activities for kids, from newborn to five




I thought it would be nice for the whole family to get a bit messy! Follow the link below for some messy/sensory activities, I recommend gloop. You can also search for Easter craft, fine motor skills, shape sorting and number recognition activities.


It's the Easter holidays!!

You get to stay at home and have fun! Here are some simple creative activities you might like to try. If you're feeling a little more adventurous then use the Learning4kids link and search Easter for lots more ideas. 




You could hide your decorated stones (or anything else you have lying around that you can decorate) in the garden, dress up the whole family with their Easter bunny masks and have your very own family Easter hunt.

Story baskets


We know everyone loves a story. Here are some ideas for story baskets, these props will encourage children to listen to and recall the story. They can then use their imagination to act it out re-telling their own version independently  afterwards.




Can you make your own basket to use with your favourite story? Please feel free to show us by posting a picture on the blog!