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Kindness Advent Calendar

This term the children at Borrowdale School are reflecting on the importance of kindness. They have learned through many practical examples that being kind makes others happy, but it makes you happy too. Whilst studying why Christmas is important to Christians a link was made between kindness and advent by pupils in Class 2 and the idea of a kindness advent calendar was born.


The creation of the advent calendar involved every child in the school. Class 2 pupils wrote a kind message for everyone in the school and put the message (along with a small chocolate) in an envelope. The envelopes were decorated with Christmas designs by the pupils in Class 1 and our Early Years children wrote the names of all the children on the envelopes and numbered them up to 25.


Most envelopes hold a message for more than one pupil and during advent one envelope is opened every day and the kind messages are shared. This is just one of the things the school has decided to do in order go the extra mile for Christmas this year. We believe that pupils have had a tough year as things are far from normal, and are deserving some Covid-safe Christmas cheer!