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What will school be like when children return?

At school, the children and staff will be kept in completely separate groups, which we call ‘bubbles’. The information below covers details about the arrangements for the children who will be returning. Hopefully this information will address any questions that you may have.
  Class 2 Bubble Class 1 Bubble EYFS Bubble
Year groups Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 Nursery, Reception
  • Mrs Clark (Mon-Wed)
  • Mrs Crossley (Thu, Fri)
  • Mrs Selby
  • Mrs Cooper
  • Mrs Dixon
  • Ms Parkins
  • Ms Hall
Room Previously the Library Previously Class 2 & Hall Previously Class 1 and Rec.
Uniform/Clothing Children need to wear clean clothes each day. They will also enter a clean building, so we need to keep yesterday’s germs away. We know that this will make it impossible for children to come in their uniform every day, but please try to send them in it as often as you can. On other days, other suitable clothing can be worn.
Entrance to school
  • The school car park will be closed for traffic at opening and closing times to prevent cars and children mixing in a small space.
  • Children enter the school site via the walkway.
Travel to and from school
  • Parents will need to organise their own transport to and from school. The school’s minibuses are parked up until it is safe to use them again.
  • Please do not share a car with people from outside your household.
  • Parents whose children are entitled to transport from the county, will need to confirm the arrangements with the county.
Starting and collection time
  • The morning start is 8.50am. Please do not arrive before 8.45. Collection time at 3pm.
  • Please wait outside the gate.
  • Members of staff will be near the gate to direct the children to their classroom.
  • Please note that only one adult will be permitted to drop off or collect at the gate to keep numbers down.
  • Please maintain a two metre social distance.
  • There will be no after school clubs for the foreseeable future. We will let you know when these will be resuming
Break times and lunch times
  • Children will remain in their group during break and lunch times
  • Each group will have their own play equipment that will be cleaned after use. Children will not be able to use any of the adventure play equipment.
  • Children need to bring a water bottle and lunch from home. They will eat their lunch in their own classroom. Please be aware that under the current circumstances staff will not be able to touch the children’s lunches. This means that staff won’t:
    • Put food in the fridge or microwave
    • Peel or cut up fruit
    • Open lids on jars or flasks that are too tight
    • Provide cutlery: spoons for yoghurts, etc.
Procedure if a child or adult shows or develops Covid-19 symptoms
  • Please make school aware if your child has developed symptoms (see below) at home and request a test. Staff, parents and children in your child’s group will be informed and they will also have to self-isolate until a negative test or after 14 days.
  • Your child’s temperature may be taken before entry and if the reading is above 37.8C we will ask you to take them straight home and request a test. Your child can return once they have had a negative test or after 14 days
  • Your child will be taken to our newly dedicated isolation room (was Nursery) if they develop any of the Covid-19 symptoms at school.
  • The first aider supervising your child will wear PPE equipment and you will be contacted to collect your child immediately. It is important that you have someone in your household who can collect them within 30 minutes.
  • On collection you will be given a letter outlining the process and testing procedure. It is essential your child is tested so that we can minimise the number of days the entire group has to isolate. Please alert the school with a copy of the test result as soon as possible.
  • If any child or staff member tests positive, the rest of their group will be sent home to self-isolate for 14 days. The other household members of that wider class or group do not need to self-isolate unless the child or staff member they live with subsequently develops symptoms.
  • No equipment of any sort should come between home and school apart from a lunch, personal water bottle and coat.
  • Each child will have an individual tray with their own set of regularly used equipment that won’t be shared: pencils, colouring pencils, scissors, rubber, ruler, iPad, etc.
  • All equipment will be regularly cleaned
  • Each group will have their own toilet to use in this early phase. Only one child can be in the toilet area at a time. We will be encouraging the children to use the toilet throughout the day rather than waiting for break or lunchtimes
Social distancing and hygiene
  • Signs and floor markings will be used to reinforce the social distancing rules and children will be reminded by their teachers at regular intervals.
  • Movement around the school will be minimised and classrooms are only accessed by the group that resides in it.
  • Children will wash their hands on their way into school and at regular intervals. Children will be supplied with hand sanitizer in their trays.
  • Bringing a face covering or mask to school is not allowed. Staff are being provided with PPE equipment and may see a need for this to be worn.
  • We have increased our cleaning routines. Staff teams will clean regularly used items throughout the day e.g. door handles and desks. Daily additional cleaning after school is also organised.
  • The school will be required to follow up on absences of children who we were expecting, as we would do in normal times. Please ring as normal to report your child’s absence.
  • There is no penalty for keeping your child at home, however, it is important that you keep us informed of your plans. We will not allow children to access school on an ad hoc basis.
  • No child with any Covid-19 symptoms should attend the school for any reason. If your child develops any symptoms it is crucial that you inform the school IMMEDIATELY so we can follow the procedures outlined above.
Curriculum Provision
  • Unless the whole year group is back in school, the children will be following the same work in class as their peers that are not at school on Dojo and this will be set by their teacher. Other additional activities will also be planned for your child in school so they can still get a lot of fun out of their school day.
  • We will not be sending home any books as each book would need to be cleaned on return. There will be more reading opportunities planned in school as a result.
  • Children will have physical activity and outdoor learning throughout the day, but won’t have any allocated PE lesson slots so they do not need to wear their PE kits on certain days.


The new Class 2 Bubble