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Climbing the fells for a climbing frame

The wainwrights challenge - Climbing the fells for a climbing frame

We are excited to challenge the whole school community (pupils, ex-pupils, parents, grandparents, governors, etc) to 'bag' all 214 Wainwrights in a year in order to raise money towards a new climbing frame for the school.

How will it work?
  • The basic idea is that between us all, over the course of a year, we summit all the wainwright fells.
  • A list will be available online of the fells that have already been climbed and those that are yet to be climbed. 
  • On a good day you pick a fell (or group of fells) from the list and you walk to the top. Most walks will string together a few Wainwrights.
  • Place a flag on the top and take a photo of it - and then take the flag home to use again.
  • Video yourself doing a little dance on the top (20secs).
  • You email the photo and video to along with a  quick report of what the walk was like (weather/anything interesting you saw or did).
  • Photos will be collated on a display board and possibly online
  • Compilation fell-dance video will be made after all fells have been climbed - hopefully this one will go viral too!

How will it raise money?
  • We will set up a crowdfunding / fundraising page online for people to donate to the challenge. 

When will it start?
  • The challenge will start on 20th March, after the Mothers and Others service. To kick-start the challenge we will walk up one of the local fells with all the pupils in the school.  We invite everyone who is available to walk with us. We are thinking of Catbells, but of course this is weather dependent.
Walking can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk. It is each walker's responsibility to check the weather forecast, wear adequate clothes and navigate using a map and compass.

Photos from the Wainwright tops: