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Class 1 (Mr Smits and Ms Parkins)

Welcome to Class 1!


Watch this space! We will very soon be filling this page with things we’ve done and what we are planning to do. We will also create a link to your spelling words.


Update 15-10-18:


We are currently focusing on writing short sentences with description. This week the children will organise a birthday party for our school building, which is 50 years old!



We are focusing on making sense of the numbers. We use the values of 10s and 1s to make sense of more difficult problems including addition and subtraction.





Spellings: Please check with your child which words they need to learn this week.

Lexia at home

At Borrowdale School your child may be using a programme called Lexia Reading Core 5 which they use on our ipads. This programme helps the children with their reading and spelling skills. The children enjoy playing the educational games and we have seen a real improvement in their reading and spelling ability from using this programme. Your child is also able to access this from home. 


Your child can use Lexia through the internet by going to the following website


When asked for your teacher's email, please input


Your child then needs to use the login they use for school. 


You can also download the Lexia App on iPad or Android tablets by searching for ‘Lexia Reading Core5 UK’.