Borrowdale CE Primary School
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The year 5 and 6 children continued to deliver their homework projects to the class. We are continuing to learn a great deal. One pupil was the great spokesperson Martin Luther King and he even staged his poignant death. Sam (who obviously loves cars) made a timeline of models from 1968. This stirred one of Mrs Crossley's fondest memories. "My sister and I used to travel to our holiday destination in the back of my parents Morris Minor Traveller at night. Dad put the back seats down and laid our sleeping bags out, we tried to sleep but we were far too excited!"
This led on nicely to another pupil's presentation about Ford sewing machinists strike of 1968. We likened this to the plight of the suffragettes which the children studied last term.
One pupil sang the Beatles song 'Mrs Robinson' which we all joined in with.
A pupil show-cased her A-line skirt that she had made on her sewing machine; complete with darts, a zip and a hem. 
Mrs Helme and Mrs Clayton (our secretary and lunchtime supervisor) were very impressed. They both told the children that they were the first garments that they made in Needlework at Secondary School. 
One girl had collated a whole host of interesting facts from that year too. 
The post presentation discussions took some interesting directions, the most pertinent one being on equality.